Adjustment of Status Interview

When you apply for a green card within the United States through a procedure referred to as an “adjustment of status,” you will likely be called in for an interview with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the final step of this application process. This might seem intimidating, but with proper preparation, this can go smoothly, and you will find there is nothing to be afraid of.

What to Expect

Generally, an adjustment of status interview lasts approximately 20 minutes, though you might end up waiting for much longer than that prior to the interview itself. Eat well before you since you are not allowed to bring food into the building.

A USCIS officer will call you to his or her desk, swear you in, and check your photo identification. You will be asked questions regarding the information you provided on your forms to confirm you are the person who filled out the application and that your information has not changed. You are expected to have some documents with you, which will be reviewed. This includes:

  • A copy of your visa petition and adjustment of status application
  • Travel documents, such as an advance parole permit
  • Your passport
  • Originals of any documents you submitted copies of to USCIS, including your birth certificate or marriage certificate
  • Doctor’s report from your required medical examination
  • If you are applying based on employment or marriage, bring the necessary documents required for it

If there have been any changes in your life since the application for adjustment status, the officer will want to know, so be sure to bring any documentation to back up any changes. If you hired legal representation, you are allowed to have your attorney accompany you.

Solid Legal Representation and Personalized Attention

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