Permanent Vs. Temporary Visas

Any individual in the United States who is not a citizen must have some form of visa to be in this country legally. There are two types of visas one can obtain – temporary and permanent visas. Some might qualify for temporary visas, but are illegible for a permanent one, while others might be able to acquire a permanent one and not a temporary visa. It is important to understand your own eligibility, so seeking the representation of a skilled immigration attorney would is advisable to effectively navigate this process.

Temporary Visas

There is a wide range of temporary visas, which are lettered from A to V with many subcategories. F-1 and H1-B, which are student visas are quite common and well known, but temporary visas can be obtained by a number of different individuals for varying reasons, including:

  • Diplomats
  • Representatives of NGOs
  • Journalists
  • Religious workers
  • Fiancés
  • Government informants

These are just a handful of individuals who might be eligible for specific temporary visas. Each visa has its own time limitations, rules, restrictions, and provisions.

Permanent Visas

Unlike temporary visas, permanent visas have four basic groups:

  • Special programs of Congress: Includes amnesty programs, the Diversity Lottery, and registry
  • Family-sponsored green card: Your family sponsor can be children or spouses of permanent residents, a sibling of a U.S. citizen, and various other familial connections
  • Employer-sponsored green card: An employer can sponsor an alien worker if able to show it cannot find qualified workers in the country to fill the position
  • Asylum: One can seek asylum if there is a well-founded fear of persecution in his or her home country

When applying, keep in mind that you might be able to apply in more than one category at a time if more than one applies to you. If you are able to obtain a permanent visa, you will receive a permanent residency card, which is also known as a green card though they are now mostly white.

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