What is a Master Calendar Hearing?

A master calendar hearing is usually an early step in the immigration process, especially in removal proceedings. At this hearing, you will meet with a judge and a government attorney to decide how your case will proceed. The master calendar hearing is a short, preliminary hearing, and its main purpose is to plan out your case before moving forward with immigration proceedings.

During a master calendar hearing, the court will not address any legal claims or defenses regarding your case. You will not be questioned about your case or immigration applications. No witnesses need to attend to provide testimony. The judge will not make a ruling on your case at this hearing. If you have an immigration attorney, they will answer many of the judge’s questions on your behalf as the course of your case is laid out.

At a master calendar hearing, the judge will schedule the dates for the submission of your written documents and for your individual merits hearing. Your individual merits hearing is an important hearing to review the substance of your applications or to address your claims or defenses in greater detail. This hearing will require witnesses and other supporting evidence.

Your hearing will be scheduled with other master calendar hearings, so you will not be alone in the courtroom. You will be called forward when it is your turn. If needed, the judge will provide an interpreter, generally by phone. You will provide information about yourself, including your name, address, native language, and if you are fluent in any other language. If you have a lawyer, you will introduce them at this time. The judge will review any charges or your application, and may ask a few clarifying questions. After they have the needed information, they will schedule your:

  • Deadline to submit pertinent applications or amendments
  • Individual merits hearing
  • Another master calendar hearing, if necessary

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